How to purchase?

Register purchase:

Once registration is completed, you will receive a unique exclusive bitcoin address. You can transfer your money to the bitcoin address and use your account balance to purchase funds. The advantage is that the purchase and redemption will be very convenient and you can track all records of your assets

How to redeem?

Register redeem:

Click the “Redeem” button to redeem the principal and interest to your account balance after login , then you can withdraw bitcoins to any wallet of your choice.

How do I view my returns?

The fund will pay dividends at midnight Greenwich Mean Time every day. You can view your interest in the historical daily interest.

How to calculate the amount of shares purchased?

For the arbitrage fund (BTC), the amount t of bitcoin transferred represents the amount of shares purchased.

The other products are calculated based on the exchange rate at the time of purchasing.

for USD Arbitrage Fund ,you transfer 1 BTC and the BTC:USD exchange rate is 1:7,000 at the time,then you will receive 7,000 shares of USD Arbitrage Fund.

How will the processing fee be charged?
BTC Arbitrage Fund0%0.2%
USD Arbitrage Fund0%0.2%
CNY Arbitrage Fund0%0.2%
What is the cap amount to purchase or redeem the fund? What about the time to redeem or deposit?

The cap amount to purchase the fund is the remaining shares of the fund.

The time to reach your wallet is based on the blockchain network. Generally you can receive in 1 working day.

The cap amount to redeem the fund is all of the shares that you hold.

Register redeem: the system will automatically process when the transactions are below 20 btc one day. If the transactions exceed 20 btc one day, it will be manually processed within 2 hours.

Why is it called a risk-free arbitrage fund?

An accurate way to describe it is “very low risk arbitrage.”You can view the page “How to Ensure Security” for more information.

How to calculate the exchanged rate when you purchase USD Arbitrage Fund and CNY Arbitrage Fund?

汇率来自各大交易所 O T C最新成交价的加权平均,各产品使用的实时汇率如下:

U S D/ B T C(买入):$-
U S D/ B T C(卖出):$-
C N Y/ B T C(买入):¥-
C N Y/ B T C(卖出):¥-
If the bitcoin price crashs, will which lead to deficit?

Whether the price falls or rises, we can generate profit through arbitrage as long as their is a price discrepancy.

理论上套利收益会浮动,为何始终是 15%?

15% 并非全部套利收益,部分收益将分给 Sato Fund 用于维持算法更新和服务,市场低迷时, Sato Fund 将挪出部分费用补贴客户分红,尽量保证客户收益稳定,因此通常用户看到的收益率只有小幅改变。

The Arbitrage Fund seems to only allow a certain amount of total investment. If there is more investment than this amount,how to ensure returns?

Each Arbitrage Fund has a capacity limit, beyond the capacity, the clients may need to wait for other users to exit.

Why do I have to pay a processing fee for redeeming my funds?

Firstly Arbitrage Fund are allocated the mainstream bitcoin exchanges, when a client redeems the investment,the exchange will charge a corresponding fee. Secondly, redemption affects the asset allocation ratio of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, which ultimately affects arbitrage.